The IASG awards $500 in scholarships annually to students who are traveling to a German-speaking country in the summer. For more information visit the scholarship page.

Judith Eaton
This award is given by the IASG Executive Board to a person who has contributed significantly to the spirit of the IASG Staatskongress. For more information visit the Judith Eaton page.

Faschingprinz and Faschingprinzessin
The overall top female and male student scorers win the distinction of the Staatskongress Faschingprinz andStaatskongress Faschingprinzessin. This title comes from the German festival known as Fasching, or Karneval, which is usually held in February immediately prior to the Lenten season. Fasching provides a festive season of food and fun before the Lenten fasting period begins. It is a time to celebrate life before Lent/Ash Wednesday. It is a time to turn everything upside down, and is used as a safe way to let off steam and mock the existing kings/leaders/politicians. Instead of having chocolate coins, they have bubble gum. Instead of a King or Queen of Fasching, there is a Prinz and Prinzessin. The Faschingprinz and Prinzessin in Germany are the most important figures of Fasching or Karneval. They are responsible for being the head hosts of all ceremonies and for seeing over all the festivities. Therefore, our Staatskongress Faschingprinz and Faschingprinzessin are announced during the dance at the end of the day to acknowledge their amazing accomplishments, as well as to receive their crowns. For past winners of this award visit the Staatskongress - Results page.