The IASG Constitution was written and approved in 1984. The Executive Board reviewed the document and amendments were approved by the Active Members in 2009, 2013, and 2014. The IASG Constitution is available for download here.


Article I

Section 1: The name of the organization shall be the Indiana Association of Students of German (hereinafter called the “IASG”).

Section 2: Purpose: The purpose of the IASG is to promote interest in and study of the German language and culture, to promote closer cooperation among middle and high schools and college organizations, and to provide an opportunity for extracurricular association among students and teachers of German in the state of Indiana.

Section 3: If IASG would cease to exist, its funds would be given to the Indiana Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German.

Article II

Section 1: Membership: Membership in IASG shall be of three types: 1) active, 2) associate, and 3) honorary. IASG dues will be set by the Executive Committee according to the needs of the organization. These dues must be paid before or during registration for the Annual Convention so as to retain voting rights.

Section 2: Active Members: Active Membership in IASG shall be limited to students who are currently enrolled in various participating middle and high schools, colleges and universities of Indiana which have German clubs affiliated with IASG or those students who have affiliated as members of IASG on a member-at-large basis.

Section 3: Associate Members: Associate Membership will be granted to any teacher of German. Membership will entitle them to be placed on the state mailing list so that they will receive all state mailings, to participate in all activities of IASG, and to all rights of Active Members, excluding voting rights.

Section 4: Honorary membership in the IASG shall be given by majority vote of the Executive Committee in recognition of accomplishments of her/his contributions to the furthering of the German language and culture. This shall entitle her/him to all rights of Associate Members.

Article III

Section 1: Elective positions: The elective officers of the IASG shall be President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary, and the school which is to be responsible for communication.

Section 2: Appointive positions: Appointive officer of the IASG shall be the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall be appointed by the Base Institution and confirmed at the convention. Other positions may be appointed as deemed necessary.

Section 4: Qualifications of officers: All officers elected and appointed, must be members of and in good standing with the IASG and must be enrolled in German during their tenure. No more than one officer may be elected from any one school. Graduating high school seniors will be considered as representing the college or university that they will be attending in the fall. Candidates may only be a graduating high school senior if s/he will be attending an in-state college or university. No candidate may be a graduating college senior.

Section 5: Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall consist of all of the following positions: President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, at least three regional representatives, the Sponsors, and the faculty Coordinator of the Base Institution. Only the student members shall have voting rights.

Article IV

Section 1: Base Institution: The Base Institution of the IASG shall be selected by the Executive Committee and reviewed periodically or when circumstances mandate on the basis of its ability to lend maximum stability to this organization. All membership records, minutes of the IASG meetings, and the IASG Treasury shall be kept at the Base Institution. The Base Institution must be a Member Club of the IASG.

Section 2: Faculty Coordinator: The Faculty Coordinator of the Base Institution must be a German teacher at the same Base Institution. S/He shall be appointed or reappointed by the Executive Committee on consultation with the administration at the Base Institution on the basis of a) her/his predicted performance as a faculty member at the Base Institution, b) her/his ability to lend stability to the IASG by means of recommendation and persuasion. S/He must be an Associate Member of the IASG.

Section 3: The Base institution is responsible for selecting a qualified staff for communication, organizational and administrative purposes, i.e. managing the website, selecting scholarship winners, etc.

Article V

Section 1: Sponsors: The Sponsors of IASG shall be two secondary school teachers of German from schools affiliated with IASG.

Section 2: Appointments must be made so that the sponsor of the club from which the President was elected becomes one of the sponsors.

Section 3: The incoming Executive Committee shall make the appointment of any new sponsors.

Article VI

Section 1: Amendments to this constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee of the IASG at least two weeks prior to the Annual Convention and will be either published in the state newsletter or distributed at the convention.

Section 2: Before an amendment may be presented to the convention, the Executive Committee must approve the proposed amendment.

Section 3: Amendments to this constitution must be approved by a 2/3 majority vote at the business meeting. Each eligible voting member is entitled to one vote.

Section 4: Any announcement of an intention to amend or present new bylaws should be made to the Executive Committee at least two weeks in advance of the Annual Convention. A copy of the proposed changes will be made available for publication on the website or distributed at the Convention.

Section 5: Bylaws must be established, amended, revised or repealed only by a majority vote of the eligible voting members of the IASG in attendance at the Annual Convention. Each eligible voting member is entitled to one vote.

Ratification: This constitution must be ratified by a 2/3 majority vote of the eligible voting members present at the Annual Business Meeting to which it is submitted for ratification.


I. Duties of IASG Officers, Sponsors, and Executive Committee

A. Duties of the President

1. The President shall preside at the annual Business Meeting.

2. S/He shall preside at all meetings of the IASG Executive Committee.

3. S/He shall appoint committees at her/his discretion.

4. Set the meeting agenda.

B. Duties of the Executive Vice-President

1. The Executive Vice-President shall assume the duties of the president in the absence of the President or for any period of time requested by the president.

2. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the president, s/he shall become president

3. S/He shall perform the duties delegated to her/him by the President.

C. Duties of the Secretary

1. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the IASG Executive Committee and of the Annual Business Meeting of the IASG.

2. S/He shall furnish copies of these minutes of all other IASG documents to her/his successor as secretary.

3. S/He shall furnish copies of these minutes and all other IASG documents to the Faculty Coordinator at the Base Institution in each case within a week after the meeting concerned. S/He must regard this duty as vital, since the permanent records are kept at the Base Institution.

4. The secretary shall preside over meetings in the absence of the President and Vice-President.

D. Duties of the Treasurer

1. The Treasurer shall work in cooperation with the Faculty Coordinator of the Base Institution in all aspects of her/his job.

2. S/He shall keep the monies of the treasury of the IASG in an IASG bank account.

3. S/He shall make a financial report to the Annual Business Meeting.

4. S/He shall be prepared to make a financial report to any and all meetings of the IASG Executive Committee.

5. S/He shall preside over meetings in the absence of the President, Vice-President and Secretary.

E. Duties of the Regional Representatives

1. Representatives shall attend Executive Committee Meetings.

2. Representatives shall represent constituents within their region

F. Duties of the IASG Sponsors

1. The duties of the Sponsors are to advise and to give assistance. Sponsors must affirm before the time of appointment that they will make every effort to attend, health permitting, all Executive Committee meetings.

G. Duties of the Executive Committee

1. A quorum shall consist of three voting members

2. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for

a. Carrying on necessary business between annual conventions

b. Setting dues for the IASG members

c. Carrying out any assignments given it by the Annual Business Meeting.

3. The Executive Committee shall meet on call by the President whenever s/he deems it necessary.

4. All members of the Executive Committee will make every effort to be in attendance at all Executive Committee meetings.

5. It requires a majority vote of those Executive Committee members present and voting for passage of a bill with the president voting only in a tie.

II. The nominations of officers will be accepted only if the candidates have expressed their desire to run on the convention registration form prior to the convention and the teacher(s) has/have agreed to fulfill the duties of sponsors.

III. Election and Terms of Officers

A. Election of officers shall be by secret ballot of the Annual Business Meeting following presentations by the candidates—not to exceed three minutes. Only eligible voting members shall be allowed to cast a vote. The candidate receiving a plurality shall be the winner.

B. Results of the elections shall be announced at the Annual Convention. The new officers shall assume their positions during the joint meeting of the retiring and in-coming Executive Committees.

C. The term of office for all officers except the Treasurer shall be one year from the convention to convention. No elected or appointed officer may succeed herself/himself, but s/he may run or be appointed for a different position.

IV. Resignation and filling vacancies

A. If any officer, except the President, becomes unable to fulfill her/his duties, the president shall select a replacement and submit her/his name to the Executive Committee of IASG for approval.

B. Should the President resign, the Executive Vice-President shall assume the office and all duties and responsibilities thereof.

C. Should no one from the resigning officer’s club desire the position the Executive Committee shall appoint any qualified members of IASG to the post.

V. Annual Business Meeting

A. An Annual Business Meeting shall be held as one of the events of the Annual Convention. It must be scheduled so that no other event takes place simultaneously.

B. Voting Procedure: All eligible voting members of IASG in attendance at the Annual Business Meeting shall be entitled to one vote each.

C. The election of new officers, consideration of amendments to the IASG Constitution By-laws, and any other items of IASG business shall be dealt with at the Annual Business Meeting.