The IASG awards $500 in scholarships annually to students who are traveling to a German-speaking country in the summer. In order to apply, students must complete an application, have attended an IASG Staatskongress sometime in their education career, their school must be a member of the IASG. Applications must be postmarked by March 15. Scholarship recipients are selected by the base institution sponsors.

2019 Winners
Claire Wallace, Northwestern High School
Jackson Lyons, Jay County High School

2018 Winners
Camille Farwick, Batesville High School
Nathan Sander, Fishers High School

2017 Winners
Daphne Hulse, Carmel High School
Jordan Robbins, Perry Meridian High School

2016 Winners
David Ho, Fishers High School
Shawn Charleswood, Ben Davis High School

2015 Winners
Jamie Pfau, Lawrence Central High School
William Patterson, Warren Central High School

2014 Winners
Gabriella Hogan, Fishers High School
Abigail Johnson, Fishers High School

2013 Winner
Leanne Abel

2012 Winners
Yezzid Garcia
Jack Mourouzis

2011 Winners
Sarah Aziz, Carmel High School
Tyler Kniess

2010 Winners
Robert Conrick
Sawyer Morgan, Hamilton Southeastern High School

2009 Winners
Information not available

2008 Winners
Kyle Barker, Cathedral High School
Rachel Essex, Hauser High School
Elizabeth Kackowski, Brownsburg High School
Austin Morse, Michigan City High School

2007 Winners
Tyler Hall
Sarah Schnellbacher

2006 Winners
Ena Brdjanovic, Brownsburg High School
Kevin Martz, Brownsburg High School
Billy Myers, Lawrence Central High School

2005 Winners
Bethany Dusseau
Stephanie Paulson
Karri McCall

2004 Winners
Stephanie Boyd
Lauren Worth, Carmel High School
Patrick Thomas

2003 Winners
Levi Wilson, Huntington High School
Matt Potasnik, Hamilton Southeastern High School
Meghann Sachs, Lawrence Central High School