Skits, Talents, and Music

Skits, Talents, and Music

A contest for a group of students to perform an original skit in German.

For this contest, students should provide a clean copy of their original script to the judge.

Talents and Music:
A contest for an individual soloist, duet, or small music group to perform music by a German-language composer and/or to perform a song in German.

For this contest, students need to bring a clean copy of their music to provide to the judge. Students may have an accompianist, if desired. An electronic keyboard is available. All other instruments need to be provided by the individual student and may be stored in the music room.

For the Talents and Music contest, it is typically judged by a music education student.

Rubrics for these contests will be added later.

Teachers will need to register their students for these contests. To register for Skits or Talents and Music, follow these guidelines:
  1. Log into your account on the registration website
  2. Register your student(s) as part of your group first
  3. Next select either the Skits or Talents tabs on the registration website
  4. Then register each student individually by clicking on "Create New"

For Skits, write the title of the skit for each student who is registered, so that they can be grouped together by the skit.

For Talents, i.e., Music, enter the composer, title of the piece and the instrument.