Every February since the 1970's, students of German have met to engage in workshops, competitions and displays of German studies and culture. A download of this information is available here to print.
Staatskongress Date:
February 15, 2020
Registration Deadline:

On time registration: February 7, 2020
Late registration: February 11, 3:00 PM
Märchen und Legenden: "Grimm"-er, als man denkt! - Fairy Tales and Legends: "Grimm"-er than you think!
All School Competition:
A traveling trophy is presented to the top performing school. The winner is determined by an average score (total points scored by the school’s participants divided by the number of participants for the school) in order to allow all schools present to have an equal opportunity of winning, so long as the school has a minimum of 5 students.
Heritage Speakers:
Please indicate on the registration which students learned most of their German outside the classroom. These students will be labeled as “heritage speakers.” They will be allowed to compete at his/her school level, and may receive first, second, or third place ribbons in competitions for their achievements. However, they will not be eligible for the Faschingsprinz/prinzessin award at the end of the day.
Native Speakers:
Native Speakers are encouraged to interact with students (for example, as Bergwanderer), and they can assist teachers. Native Speakers may not earn points in contests.