Staatskongress Academic Competition

Official Rules for Academic Competitions - Levels I, II, III, and Advanced

Indiana Association of Students of German


Academic Competition


·        A multiple choice listening comprehensions test.

·         Bring a number two pencil.




·        A multiple choice reading comprehension test.

·         You need a number two pencil.



·        Multiple choice geography questions.

·         Bring your number two writing buddy.



·        A multiple choice grammar test.

·         You know what to bring!


Cultural Trivia

I & II:

·         A multiple choice general knowledge test in English.

·        Bring a number two pencil.


Cultural Trivia III & IV:

·         A multiple choice general knowledge test in German.

·         Bring a number two pencil.


Declamation Memory:

·        Poem or prose to be memorized and delivered in German.

·         The contestant may use a chair as a prop and may move during the presentation.

·         20 line minimum for levels III and advanced.

·         Must submit a copy to each judge.


The judging criteria are as follows:

Pronunciation: 50%

Delivery of Lines: 20%


Memorization: 20%

Interpretation: 10%


Directed Dialog:

·        Students must answer selected questions given by the judge.

·         Topics will be level appropriate.

·         For levels one and two only.


The judging criteria are as follows:


Appropriateness of Response: 20%

Use of Vocabulary : 20%

Pronunciation: 20%


Mechanics: 20%

Delivery: 20%


Oral spelling bee using German alphabet to run as follows:

§  Words will be pronounced, used in a sentence, and then pronounced again.

§  Nouns must be capitalized as follows: Grosses S…

§  “ß” may be pronounced “scharfes S”, “ess-tset”, or “ss”.

§  Contestants may ask for a definition in English.

§  No correcting or re-spelling will be allowed.

§  Misspelled words will pass to the next contestant.

§ All participants must remain in the room until a winner has been determined.

§  The winner must spell two consecutive words correctly.



·        Participants must give the English equivalent for German vocabulary words.

·         A similar format to the spelling format will be followed.



·         Contestants will write a paragraph as it is read aloud by the judge.

·         Selection will be read first at normal speed, then in phrases, and last at normal speed again.


Sight Reading:

·         Students will read prose, which they have not seen before.

·         Students will be assigned a number denoting order.

·         When their turn arrives, they will be able to look at the prose for only sixty seconds before reading it for the judges.

·         Time limit per entry is exactly two minutes, no more, no less.

·         Contestants must remain in the room after the reading.

·        Middle school will have its own level.


The judging criteria are as follows:


Pronunciation: 60%

Delivery of Lines: 20%


Ability to be Heard: 10%

Audience eye Contact: 10%

Impromptu Speaking:

·         The topic will pertain to every-day life.

·         Contestants will have NO TIME for preparation after receiving topic.

·         No notes may be used in the speech and it should be NO MORE THAN two minutes in length.

·         Middle school will have its own level.


The judging criteria are as follows:


Content/Use of Vocabulary: 60%

Communication: 20%


Delivery of Lines: 10%

Ability to be Heard: 10%

Skits/Talent competitions:

·        Skits and Talent will be judged as separate categories.

·         The criteria for the two will be the same.

·         The time limit is four to six minutes.

·        Each of the judges must be given a copy of the skit.

·         A description is also recommended.

·        Skits/Talent entries must be pre-registered by the convention registration deadline in order to be assigned a performance time.

·        Students must be ready to perform at their assigned times.

·         All talent entries MUST have a separate copy of the music for the judge. If the judge cannot look at the music during the song, the entrant will be disqualified.


The judging criteria for skits are as follows:


Pronunciation: 50%

Memorization: 20%

Acting/Props: 5%

Delivery of Lines: 15%

Ability to be Heard: 10%



The judging criteria for talent are as follows:


Delivery/Pronunciation: 40%

General Effect: 30%



Representation: 10%

Difficulty: 20%

The rules for the Academic Competition are located below.  A download of this list is available here to print.
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