Judith Eaton

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Judith Eaton
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The first Judith Eaton Award was presented at the 1998 Staatskongress. This award is given by the IASG Executive Board to a person who has contributed significantly to the spirit of the IASG Staatskongress.


Judy Eaton was a dynamic, spirited and very involved German teacher in the 70ís, 80ís and well into the 90ís. Frau Eaton was well-respected by both teachers and students. She lived in Edinburgh, IN, and taught at Columbus North HS where she had a large German program and an active German Club. Frau Eaton was an officer in the Indiana Chapter of the AATG for a number of years serving in a variety of roles including Vice President and President. She often hosted meetings at her house, and led the IASG to becoming the strong organization it is today. Frau Eaton served as the teacher/sponsor for the base school organizing Staatskongress for the first 5 years it existed. She continued her support after she stepped out of that role until she retired in the late 90ís. It is believed that Frau Eaton was the first AATG Teacher of the Year in 1989.


2017 Judith Eaton Award Recipient

Laura King

Carmel High High School


2016 Judith Eaton Award Recipient

Candis Carey

Crown Point High School


2015 Judith Eaton Award Recipient

J.J. Steed

Brownsburg High School


2014 Judith Eaton Award Recipient

Randy Studt

West Lafayette


2013 Recipient

Beth Moller-Tank
Zionsville HS / Westfield HS
2012 Recipient

Laura Wilson

Ball State University


2011 Recipient 

Fran Riegle

Fishers High School


2010 Recipient 

Angelika Becker

Carmel High School


2009 Recipient 

No award in 2009


2008 Recipient 

Mary Ann Verkamp & Genene Kambs Halverson

The 2008 award was given to two extremely deserving women who have given years of their time to insuring the success of Staatskongress.


Mary Ann Verkamp will retire from Hamilton Southeastern High School in the Spring of 2008.  She served as the base institution sponsor of the IASG for a number of yeas and has been an extremely valuable resource TO THE IASG board.


Genene Kambs Halverson will retire from Carmel High School in the Spring of 2008.  She most recently served as the base institution sponsor of the IASG.  Her knowledge and insightful suggestions have been an asset to the IASG board.


2007 Recipient 

Ben Jacquess


2006 Recipient 

Lathrop Johnson

Lathrop Johnson grew up in Beirut, Lebanon, and Tehran, Iran before completing his studies in New Hampshire, NJ and Maryland.  After learning some Arabic, Persian, and French, he started taking German in 9th grade.  Dr. Johnson worked with Nietzsche, Mann, and Hesse as an undergraduate, and his Ph.D. thesis investigated love poetry of the early eighteenth century.  After teaching in Illinois and Florida, he came to Ball State University in 1979.  He soon became active in IASG, and first served as Northern Representative (1983-85), then Vice President (1990-92), and President (1992-94) of IATG.  He held DAAD fellowships in Germany in 1969-70 and 1986, and Fulbright fellowships in 1982 and 1995.  After nominations from IATG, he was selected as the Indiana Outstanding Foreign Language Professor in 1995 and 2002.  Dr. Johnson has been involved with IASG for the last quarter century, attending Staatskongresse in Indianapolis, West Lafayette, and Bloomington before bringing it to Muncie in 1991.


2005 Recipient 

Ginnvor & Pete Bullard 

Ginnvor & Pete Bullard began actively folk dancing in 1980.  After joining the German-American Klub, they participated and helped to direct the club's folkdance group.  In 1994, they became members of the Indiana German Heritage Society.  They began folkdance classes at the Athenaeum in Indianapolis, and also directed the German Heritage Folkdance group in performances.  They are charter members of the North American Federation of German Folkdance Groups and have participated in all of their yearly workshops.  As members, they travel to Germany for folkdance festivals/workshops, learning the dances from the original source.  With the IGHS, they have hosted two workshops with guest German instructors and participants coming from all over the USA.  From the encouragement of Eb & Ruth Reichmann, they began presenting and teaching German folk dances at the Staatskongress in 1999, and because of the student's enthusiasm, have been asked back each year.


2004 Recipient 

Debra Burden

Frau Burden started the German program at Martinsville High School in 1975.  Her activities have included German Club sponsor, German American Partnership Program Coordinator, and Delta Epsilon Phi sponsor.  She was on the IASG board for over 20 years, and served as base institution sponsor for 5 years.  She has also taught German at Daimler Benz/Chrysler, the German Saturday School, and Harman/Becker.  She has received recognition from the Indiana Association of Teachers of German and the Goethe Institut.  Frau Burden considers herself a "German nut," and enjoys teaching her students and being with her colleagues.


2003 Recipient 

Janet Holzer